ETCO offers the Series of DC/AC Inverter's are designed to supply clean power to computer and communication systems; defined as "critical load". Inverter converts DC voltages from batteries to AC voltage as per desired voltage and frequency levels and supply AC power to load. Because the equipment is designed as ONLINE, it supplies a stable voltage and energy to load continuously generated by itself. Therefore, there is no interruption when the utility voltage fails or recovers. In case of an overload condition, the inverter transfers the load to bypass line if the bypass supply exists, otherwise it disconnects the output. When the overload condition disappears, load is again supplied by the energy generated by the inverter. ETCO offers a continuous and reliable power conversion. Inform inverter has a wide range of power and input / output voltage options . With its high inrush capacity , it is a perfect solution especially for industrial equipments. Semiconductor devices with latest technology used in the inverter series provide a high efficiency in power conversion. Inverter takes all the advantage of microprocessor control. Many of the operational parameters can be programmable from the LCD display and keypad. Moreover, it offers an optional communication interface; for site monitoring and remote control.


Our company offers several types of Inverters with wide ranges

Pure Sine Wave
Simulated Sine Wave
Modified Sine Wave
Portable equipments
Telecommunication systems
Industrial systems
Air conditioners


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