Our company provides an intelligent range of control solutions & accessories suitable for generator, engine only and lighting tower applications. Each product is expertly designed to provide features and benefits that enhance customer applications. Our controllers has been expertly designed to supply a load and charge the batteries on DC generators that are being used in standalone remote locations. an intelligent range of control solutions & accessories suitable for generator, engine only and lighting tower applications. Each product is expertly designed to provide features and benefits that enhance customer applications.


Manual & Auto Start
Control Modules

Our manual & auto start control modules are designed to provide a range of control, monitoring and protection features for single generating set applications. The range includes modules for use with standard and electronic engines and offers key switch; waterproof key switch, push button start/stop and automatic start control options.
• Key Features
• Powerful solutions for multiple applications.
• Heated display variants.
• IP65 protection.




Auto Mains (Utility) Failure
Control Modules

Our auto mains (utility) failure control modules monitor incoming mains (utility) supplies and instruct gen-sets to start when mains (utility) power is not available. All modules include a range of intelligent control, monitoring and protection features for standard and electronic engine gen-set applications.
• Key Features
• Premium mains (utility) monitoring and generator control.
• Comprehensive electronic (CANbus) engine support.
• Power monitoring.


Load Sharing & Synchronizing
Control Modules

Our load share modules set new standards in multiple generating set controls. All modules are packed with outstanding control, monitoring and protection features as standard. There are a number of single part and two-part control options available to suit multiple load share applications. load share control systems can synchronize a maximum of 32 generators across a single site.
• Key Features
• Load sharing and synchronizing control for up to 32 gensets.
• Dead bus synchronizing.
• Integrated PLC functionality.


Engine Only
Control Modules

Our engine only control modules provide multiple features and benefits for engine driven platforms and applications.
• Key Features
• Electronic and non-electronic engine control and protection.
• Speed and clutch control.
• Remote communications (RS232, RS485 and Ethernet), Modbus and TCP IP support.
Mains (Utility) Protection
Our microprocessor based mains (utility) protection relays have been created to monitor and protect devices that generate power in parallel with a mains (utility) supply. They are ideally suited to wind turbine, diesel generator and solar installations and provide protection against power being supplied into an islanded grid.
• Key Features
• Protects power-generating devices operating in parallel with the mains (utility) supply.
• Fully compliant with latest industry specifications.
• Configurable automatic reset timer.



Lighting Tower
Control Modules

Our lighting tower control modules have been designed for use with a number of different mobile lighting applications. Our intelligent control solutions can be used to monitor fuel levels, reduce light output when fuel levels are low, detect and identify bulb failures and monitor and protect standard and electronic engines.
• Key Features
• Multiple features for dedicated lighting tower control.
• Fuel level monitoring balances fuel efficiency against optimal lighting levels.
• Staged loading/lamp start reduces generator load impact at start up.



Remote Communications & Overview Displays
Our remote communications options include RS232, RS485 and Ethernet devices to monitor control modules over local area networks and the Internet. Our remote displays provide different size and color options that present information clearly using text and graphical displays.
• Key Features
• provides global remote communication and equipment location monitoring.
• USB, Ethernet communications combined with GSM, GPRS and GSM/GPS monitoring.
• Remote 10” and 7” graphical color touch screen overview and control displays.
Expansion Modules
Our expansion module technology provides DSE control modules with additional functionality. We have an extensive range of input & output analogue, ratio metric and thermocouple expansion options, PC configuration interfaces and MSC converters and CANbus extenders.
• Key Features
• Dedicated expansion options for ultimate system flexibility and control.
• Digital/Analogue Inputs, Digital/Analogue Outputs, RTD/Thermocouple, 0-10V and 4-20mA signal options.
• Intuitive DSE Configuration Suite Software programming.

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