ETCO Engineering for Trading & Contracting
Ramallah - Palestine
Since 1996


ETCO Engineering for Trading & Contracting is leading company in the field of Electrical Solutions, which is characterized by providing a wide range of services covering all Uninterruptible Power Solutions to all facilities, offering sale services, maintenance, installation, design, operation, and testing, through Engineering and trained technical teams with high technical proficiency, who are available around the clock seven days a week everywhere in Palestine, in addition of original Spare parts availability.
ETCO hosts a staff force exceeding 35 highly skilled experienced individuals. We are deeply committed to offer our clients exceptional quality products and services. This is why we only represent superior global brands that offer unsurpassed performance. Their presence not only ensures our customers with premier performance, but also provides our staff with the universal training needed for professional sales and after sales support.
ETCO has now three main service centers in Palestine; the First one is the head quarter which located in Ramallah, the second in Hebron to cover the southern area, and the third located in Nablus to cover the northern area.
Quality cannot be guaranteed unless users are comforted with remarkable technical support. ETCO’s continuous investments in its employees by develop their equipments and skills by attending best trainings in agencies’ factories; offer its clients a world class services.
ETCO Succeeds to provide more than one option to its customers, by acquiring agencies for many global companies in many fields, and products ranges variation.

ETCO is now working in the below fields, which also is showing agencies:

Diesel Generators:
• POWER LINK MACHINE (UK) CO LTD the range of (1KVA-2000KVA), Engine: Perkins and Honda. (
Established in 2001, PowerLink has been committed to manufacturing, sales and services of generator sets, lighting towers, screw air compressors, etc. for more than ten years. Over 60,000 generator sets are now in operation in nearly 100 countries around the world. Covering a power range from 8KW to 1600KW, PowerLink generator sets’ installed capacity reaches over 10,500 MW. Currently, our main products are diesel generator sets, gasoline generators, gas-turbine generator sets and support equipment such as ATS and parallel devices. We also create products such as portable screw air compressors, motor driven compressors and their support equipment. In addition to engineering mechanical products, we also produce various kinds of mechanical equipment for rental market. PowerLink has set up branch offices in five countries, providing an excellent localised service for our customers. As well as these branches we have two factories located in the UK and China respectively, which produce around 1,400 sets of machine a month. PowerLink products are manufactured in accordance with various international standards, such as EU standard, US standard, South America standard, AU standard and Asian standard.

• CUKUROVA Power Generation the range of (15KVA-1110KVA), Engine: Perkins and Lister Petter. (
Cukurova Holding, established in 1923, is one of the leading business conglomerates with diverse interests in numerous industries ranging from automotive, paper, chemicals, textiles, telecommunications, construction, banking, insurance, media, and services to maritime transportation and information technology services. The Holding reinforced its leading position by supporting Businessmen and Contractors in their businesses, and contributing to the development of the Continents. Cukurova’s reputation secret is not only hidden in the experience gained throughout its history but also in its innovative team spirit aiming to be the best.
Cukurova Group’s core business areas are; power generation & energy, telecommunications & information technologies, industry and financial services.
The Group has more than 140 companies and 32000 employees meeting the Customer needs with operations across 30 countries. With regard to their management and strategic goals group companies enjoy a great deal of autonomy-a unique element that associates them with the philosophy and the ideals of the Group. Unlike the other business groups around the globe foundations of the Cukurova rest on its autonomous character greatly contributing to its success.
Generator, Çukurova generator, diesel generator, alternator, generator producers, generator brands

• EMSA Power Generators the range of (13KVA-2500KVA), Engine: EMSA, MBH, and Deutz. (
In 1977 EMSA became the first company in Turkey to produce commercial alternators to meet the growing demand for a reliable uninterrupted power source. Thereafter, following a concerted effort of research, development and engineering, EMSA began producing gen-sets and is now recognized as an industry leader in this specialized field.
Because of its uncompromising quality control, EMSA alternators are now found in the most demanding diesel power plants in the world market today including: Perkins, Volvo Penta, MTU Mercedes and Deutz.
In addition to our TSE certified alternators, EMSA also provides control panels, soundproof cases and other accessories to ensure a ambiguous and reliable power supply. Our engineers take great pride in designing and building power supply systems that are customized to meet the most complex and sophisticated power demands while remaining economically efficient.
In setting and industry standard, each and every gen-set manufactured by EMSA is warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a full 12 months from the date the product is first placed into operation. EMSA will also provide spare parts for each of its products up to 10 years.
Complete customer satisfaction is EMSA's first priority. In addition to EMSA's widespread network of dealerships, our customer support department includes mobile technical units to ensure a quick response for nearly every possible need that our customers may have.
Old dealing with:
• FG Wilson the range of (12KVA-2000KVA), Engine: Perkins.
• Olympian the range of (13.5-700KVA), Engine: Perkins.

UPS Devices:
We are dealing with these brands:
• INFORM ELECTRONIC a group of Legrand, Turkey. (
Inform Electronic, one of the European leading power solution specialists, is established in 1980 with the aim of designing and building industrial electronic systems. Soon after, it diversified into the production, and marketing of standard professional electronic equipment, and special projects. The company always combines its experience with its innovative identity and is recognized by its worldwide technology leading character. Right business understanding of Inform makes the company one of the most wanted brands in the world with its exceptional growth ratio. The Company has 27,500 m² closed production area, committed to the manufacturing of electrical products and electronic equipments. Analyzing infrastructural conditions, and customer needs, the company decided to provide complete solutions. Inform product range varies from Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems, Voltage Regulators, to DC Power Supply, Telecom Equipments, Battery chargers , Inverters, 19’ rack cabinets and other electrical products nd electronic equipments.
Inform is an official ISO certified company. The company has also Gust, Son cap, and CE certifications. All the Inform products are designed and produced with the worldwide quality understanding, and ISO rules. Inform is being acquired by Legrand Group in 2010. Legrand is global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures. The Group has direct presence in more than 70 countries and number of employee is more than 31,000 people.

• MetaSystem Energy a group of Legrand, Italy. (
Specialized in advanced modular UPS, Meta System Energy designs and produces systems for critical applications including data centers and financial institutions, which round out Inform's conventional UPS offering. Meta System Energy's expertise in power electronics and inverters for solar power applications will also boost the group's capacity to develop secured electrical equipment.
MetaSystem Energy is part of Legrand Group.
Specialties: Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Photovoltaic Inverters

• G-TEC UPSs, Italy. (
G-Tec Company was founded in 2004 by two managers, already promoters of Uninterruptible Power Systems factory famous worldwide.
G-Tec operates in two locations: in Italy and in Singapore.
The continuous technological development of computers and telecommunications, imposes high reliability and efficiency, particularly in environmental as data-center, server rooms, data bases, banks, hospitals and industrial controls, where the electrical continuity guaranties the utility quality.
G-Tec Company is made up by sales and technical teams with twenty year experience in UPS and in power supply distribution.
G-Tec, besides being UPS producer, provide a high efficient technical support in pre-sales and post-sales, for all distributors and customers worldwide and an high ratio quality against price is guaranteed.
The technical department is able to develop the data-center since design up to installation and maintenance.
Uninterruptible Power Systems from 600VA to 800kVA monophase and threephase; Voltage Stabilizers; Industrial Products; Solar inverters; Power System for Telecommunication, Automatic Power Factor Correction Systems; Modular UPS Systems with or w/o Air-Conditioned.

• Makelsan UPS, Turkey. (
Makelsan is one of the European leading manufacturers of Standalone & Modular UPS ranging from 1kVA to 4,8 MVA.
Established in 1976 with the aim of designing electrical power systems; today company manufactures high tech power quality products. Headquarter in Istanbul, Turkey, company combines R&D, manufacturing and global sales activity with more than 150 qualified professionals in a fully modernized 20.000 sqm factory equipped with state-of-art machinery.
Makelsan product range varies from Static & Dynamic Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Servo & Static Voltage Regulators to Renewable Energy Products, DC Power Supply, and Telecom Equipment, Battery chargers, Invertors and datacenter solutions.
All Makelsan products are designed and manufactured with the worldwide quality understanding and ISO standards, beside that, to facilitate international sales GOST, Soncap and CE certifications were obtained. Thanks to a proficient and highly flexible manufacturing all products can be adapted to a tailor made specification.
With more than 20 area sale and service offices. 300 resellers in Turkey, over 40 global distributors throughout the world and 36 years experience in design, manufacturing and distribution in the power supply industry, Makelsan is committed to provide complete energy solutions that guarantee power quality for all kinds of critical application.

Solar & Wind Renewable Energy:
We are dealing with these brands:
• SMA Solar Technology. (
• Fronius. (
• CanadianSolar. (
• Inform. (

We are dealing with these brands:
• UltraCell. (
• First Power. (

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