Our company provides several services for the consumers and customers , and we have a specialist teams in these fields:

• Network Analyzers and Controllers (Datakom). (www.datakom.com.tr)
• Generators Controllers & Accessories (Datakom, DeepSea). (www.deepseaplc.com)
• Data Centers and Cabinets (Inforack). (www.informups.com)
• Voltage Regulators AVR devices (Legrand Inform, Delta). (www.delta.com.tw)
• DC Systems (Legrand Inform, Delta, Gtec).
• Air conditioning systems (Tadiran, UnionAir).
• Network systems.
• Monitoring and remote control.
• Battery Chargers (Datakom, Inform).
• Automatic Transfer Switches ATS (ABB, Eton, Schneider).
• Static Transfer Switches STS (Inform, Gtec, Delta).
• Media Convertors (SNMP & Modbus over Ethernet).

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