December 1997 marked perhaps the most significant event in Perkins' history when it was announced that Caterpillar had agreed to acquire the company. Caterpillar ownership simply brings the financial strength, technology, manufacturing expertise and scale that provides an even brighter future for Perkins and makes it an important part of the world's largest and most successful engine company. 
Perkins - Peterborough, Stafford and Worldwide
'The Heart of Every Great Machine'

From the very minute of it's formation, Perkins set out to lead the world in the high-speed diesel technology that now underpins almost every aspect of our daily lives. In 1932 Frank Perkins saw the promise of a future in high-speed diesel engines and with just seven people, he formed a fledgling company based in Peterborough. Now over 17 million engines later, Peterborough is still it's home and headquarters, with further manufacturing facilities added at Stafford in the UK, Curtiba in Brazil, and Georgia in the USA. 

Staying ahead in a rapidly changing world is vital and now as part of Caterpillar we are able to access cutting edge technology and call upon the managerial and financial resource of one of the largest and most respected brands in the world.

Perkins' values, competencies, engines and most importantly our people are the cornerstones of our business. The shared values of our people are our source of performance, our source of innovation and change. As an empowered and engaged employee at Perkins you will play a key role in ensuring that the organisation delivers higher returns to our stakeholders and the highest levels of customer satisfaction

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